The Great American IH Truck Buildoff 2020 Season #2 should be filming right now. Due to currant world events we are not able to do this and do not see the possibility of doing what is needed for a quality program in the near future. We have spoke to all the shops involved and have determined that due to the economic of the ramifications of the government shutting down the country and the fact that we are not able to send out our film crews now or in the near future we have decided to postpone Gabo for season 2 and cancel our participation with RMIHR. We are very disappointed to be put in this position as we were excited for the new program with a new host, format and our visit to Colorado for season 2. We hope to be back at the NATS in 2021. The main concern here is for the health, safety and the economic issues for all of our shops, film crews, producers and other participants. This has not been an easy decision to make and I am afraid it wont be last hard decision that will need to be considered and made in the near future if something drastic doesn’t change.

Please stay safe during these uncertain times.


John Glancy – Executive Producer, D-Land Productions