February 20, 2019 — Nashville, TN — Attention all motor heads and history buffs: get ready for your new favorite show, premiering April 5th! The brand new 12-episode series The Great American IH Truck Build-Off chronicles the exciting year long race to restore an International Harvester Truck with many of the shops choosing to restore an American automotive treasure, the IH Scout.
Hosted by automotive journalist Kendra Sommer (from Cruisin’ With Kendra), the new show follows four restoration shop teams on their journey to rebuild a classic International Harvester vehicle in time for the 2019 Scout & All Truck Nationals.
These four teams will build a specially selected International Harvester vehicle from the frame up. An iconic symbol of American automotive prowess, IH vehicles dominated the four-wheeled landscape for much of the 20th century. The Scout is among the most popular IH vehicles, developing a strong cult-like following that persists to this day.
Since the company ceased production on the Scout in the 1980s, genuine IH vehicle parts are increasingly hard to find which adds to the drama of The Great American IH Truck Build-Off.  All four shops competing to rebuild and restore a classic IH vehicle all know each other, trade parts, and have to get ultra creative in their craftsmanship.
The first episode of The Great American IH Truck Build-Off premiers on the NEW network BinderTV April 5th.  The series is produced by D-Land Productions with executive producers John Glancy (Co-Author of the International Scout Encyclopedia and owner of several Scout Light Line parts companies,) and Jeff Jackson (Music Business Veteran and IH Collector and Enthusiast) . The series will culminate at the 30th Annual Scout & All Truck Nationals, where each entry will be thoroughly judged and the winner will receive the coveted Build-off Champion award and bragging rights for the next year.

About BinderTV:

BinderTV an online network that will showcase and focus on the rich 150+ year history of International Harvester Co. and its products, from IH Farm, Construction, lawn equipment, to refrigerators to big and little Trucks. From IH’s early days of the McCormick reaper to the later days of the offspring companies that came from IH including Navistar, CaseIH and Cub Cadet could be covered. The first program on this network will be The Great American IH Truck Build-Off.