Meet the contestants.


Scoutco LLC

3610 S Main St
Harrisonburg, Virginia
540 433-5136


119 E. McKnight Way
Grass Valley, CA


Super Scout Specialists, Inc.

6711 Dayton Springfield, Rd
Enon, Ohio


Anything Scout

704 E. Lincoln Way, Ames IA
515 233-3020

The call out has been made for all pro-International Harvester scout & light truck restoration shops to come up with their best work and bring it to the Annual IH Scout and ALL Truck Nationals Show and swap meet held in Troy, Ohio in August for the people to choose who is the best!

The spirit of competition must be friendly and good sportsman ship must always be practiced between the shops competing. The goal is to bring excitement to the IH community and to promote your businesses and the hobby to the world.

For 2019 we are again doing “Run what you brung” – we have some simple rules for each shop to qualify:

  1. The shop must be a full paid sponsor of the NATS 2019 and beyond.
  2. The shop must submit a vehicle that is being worked on from now until the show in 2019 and have some photo documentation supporting this.
  3. The shop must perform 85% of the work on this vehicle in house.
  4. No $$ budget is set for this round.
  5. In order to be considered a professional IH Scout/Truck restoration shop, the shop must restore more than 2 vehicles per year for paying customers or the vehicle is for sale to the public.
  6. Level of restoration may include body, mechanical and paint work.
  7. Commitment for NATS2019 sponsorship and vehicle restoration candidate submission due by June 15, 2019. Send Photo(s) of your project to us ASAP . Sponsorship fees due before the normal deadline of July 1st 2019. Failure to pay the fees will result in disqualification from the competition. New Sponsors will be required to submit fees by May 31st. 2019 in order to be eligible.
  8. Judging GABO: 3 tear voting system in place with the following changes and enhancements: Regular Judge panel (1/3) as well as the writers/editors panel (1/3) will be required to judge the vehicles on the 200 pionts system, the show participants will count as 1/3 of the vote.We will make announcements and a possible special door prize give away to encourage voting, and one last twist, each buildoff participant will be allowed to schedule a presentation during the show on friday or early Saturday in order to promote their vehicle to the public and to the judges, presentation may be in person or in video form.

Nats Sponsored Restoration Shops that may be eligible and could be invited to participate:

  • Old Iron Offroad
  • Scoutco Products
  • IH Parts America
  • Isa’s IH
  • Circle S Welding
  • Barnes International
  • Roedel Brothers
  • Scout Madness
  • Anything Scout
  • Texas Scouts
  • Binder Boneyard
  • FullOn Auto
  • Super Scout Specialists,Inc.
  • Brothers C.A.

Strictly Parts suppliers wont be left out, the builders will be encouraged to use all their resources to complete these builds and parts suppliers may be credited for their help with the projects or may indorse certain builders if they so choose, in other words back one or more horses in the race

IH Scout/Truck Restoration shops not on our sponsorship list that wish to join in and compete may contact us to arrange for the sponsorship package to be sent to you. We reserve the right to limit the number of shops competing due to future contract possibilities with television etc.

Gabo and BinderTv, 4 shops may be selected for an online tv show produced by BinderTV, D-Land Productions and Cruisin with Kendra. A “dark horse shop” which is a shop not being filmed may win the event.

The future hope is to find backing from someone like the History Channel (we are already working on this) to lead up to the GRAND BUILD OFF in 2021 or 2022 where we will purchase one vehicle for each resto shop, they will be lined up in a row at the NATS in their currant conditions, rust and all for the people to see, then at some point the contestant shops will draw random vehicles to restore with a provided $30,000 to $100,000 budget and possibly 2 years to complete the project. The vehicles will be brought back to the NATS at the end of the time allotted for judgment by the people or by an unbiased judge such as magazine writer Jim Allen, we may combine his vote with the peoples, this has yet to be determined. If we land a television deal each shop should be willing to allow some filming during these restorations, this also will be good for these businesses with priceless exposure.

Definition of RESTORATION
1: an act of restoring or the condition of being restored: as
a : a bringing back to a former position or condition.
There are differant degrees of restorations in the automotive business, full or partial may be argued, we are not trying to be literal on this term but will let this project evolve and grow into what the people want it to be.

IH, Scout, Traveler, Terra, Travelall, SSII are trademarks respectively of Navistar International Trucks, there use here is licensed under Scout/Light Line Distributors,Inc.

30th Annual IH Scout and ALL Truck Nationals: Show and Swap, held at Historic Waco Airfield, Troy, Ohio, August 16th – 18th 2019. website:  Information Phone# 937-525-9781

Episode 1 – Team IH Parts America

We take it to the west coast to the team of IH Parts America and their 1970 Travel Build. Check back each week to get the next episode and make sure you sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the next episode is released! Tell us what you think of IH Parts...

Episode 2 – Scoutco

This Week, we are checking in with Scoutco in Harrisonburg VA as they work on their entry, a 1974 International Scout II.  It’s a family affair as Mike and Jennifer Moore work together to complete their entry. Hosted by #CruisingWithKendra this show will follow four...

Episode 3 – Anything Scout

EPISODE 3 This Week, we are in Ames Iowa with Anything Scout. Watch as Sean Barber and his team pull their entry, a 1972 Scout II in from outside, literally scraping the snow off of it as they start the build.  Will they get it completed in time for IH Scout Nationals...

Episode 4 – Super Scout Specialists

EPISODE 4 This Week, We are in Springfield OH at Super Scout Specialists where they are showing us their entry, a 1979 Midas Scout II that is being restored as a labor of love for a longtime Scout and IH enthusiast. They have but a few short months to get it completed...

Episode 5 – IH Parts America   This Week, We check in with IH Parts America as Jeff Ismail and his team although extremely confident in their 1970 Travelall build they will be working on it until it is loaded up on a trailer for its cross country trip from Grass...

Episode 6 – Scoutco   We return to Harrisonburg Virginia to see what Mike and Jennifer Moore of Scoutco LLC have accomplished since we last saw their 1974 LS powered Scout II. Things have moved along rather nicely as they now have a running and driving...

Epsiode 7 – Anything Scout   Sean Barbor and his team have been busy with their 1972 Scout II build. What started as a snow-covered shell of a truck is now even further taken down to the bare bones. They uncovered evidence of its former military past. Will it...

Episode 8 – Super Scout Specialists

  John Glancy and his crew at Super Scout Specialists have been under pressure with the build on their 1979 SSII, a shop move, customers to take care of, as well as life as they work hard to keep all things balanced. August is right around the corner with IH...

Episode 9 – Final Touches

IH Parts America and Scoutco are putting their final touches on their respective entries before they head out to IH Scout and All Trucks Nationals that is coming up FAST. We hear from both shops and what they have to say prior to the event. Thanks to our Sponsors!...

Episode 11 – The Competition Begins

  We are at IH Scout and All Trucks Nationals. Did everyone's respective projects make it to the final playing field for the Great American Buildoff Challange? Tune in to find out! The competition will be fierce, and the action thick as we see what the shops have...